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What's this funny name? MagikMe?

The original phrase comes from Dutch. "Mag ik mee" means: Let me, too!

A message, that is especially important to us.

We anglicized the spelling to "magic me", then it became MagikMe.

Who can use the MagikMe equipment? Only disabled children? Who is it really recommended to?

MagikMe toys are for EVERYBODY.

Not only that; children with all kinds of abilities and conditions can use them together.

Another innovative feature of our equipment is that it's also suitable for babies above 7 months.

Can the equipment be used with a wheelchair?

We have seen our own special children being unusually passive when using rolling equipment.

Our seesaw, the „Pillangó”, is created for kids to use it independently, outside of their wheelchairs, to enjoy the freedom and to be inspired to be active.

That said, we designed our second project, the „Bucka”, to include a ramp, to make the sandbox wheelchair accessible.

How safe is the equipment?

Every MagikMe equipment is just as safe as any other playground equipment.

They are certified and licensed by TÜV Süd, one of the world's leading technical service organisations.

These products are safe for disabled children and babies older than seven months.

We considered the best possible positioning for them in the design, which we then tested in several rounds.

Can I find any MagikMe equipment in my neighbourhood?

Our equipment is only present in Hungary at the moment, but we're working hard to make it available worldwide.

For Hungarian locations, click the big blue "Find playgrounds" button in the upper right corner of the menubar!

Tell your local authority or community about us, if you want our equipment on a playground near you.

Or have your own equipment, in your home!

Can I have my own MagikMe equipment in my home?

Of course!

Contact us for further information.

Send us an email to

or call Krisztina Emrich on +44 7739 088 506

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