MagikMe is a social startup which designs and sells inclusive playground equipment. The MagikMe products can accommodate disabled children who are not able to use wheelchair thus wheelchair accessible playground equipment either, which is mostly the case of children under 8. The MagikMe equipments are the safest for those children who are not able to sit or hold themselves. These products are also safe for the mentally challenged kids and for non-disabled babies who haven’t learn to sit up yet. These pieces of equipment enable kids to play together on the same equipment thus creating a mutual experience and understanding the others, leading to more tolerant communities and society.

As a social enterprise, we reinvest 55% of our profits to achieve the inclusion of kids with disability, grow our reach and ensure the fulfillment of our mission.

ESZTER HARSÁNYI - C.E.O. co-founder

Co-founder and CEO of MagikMe
She is responsible for the day-to-day operation, sales and business development.

NÓRA HOSSZÚ - Industrial designer

Product designer
Responsible for product development and engineering.

Ádám Miklósi - Industrial designer

Product manager and designer
Responsible for product development and engineering.



The mastermind behind the concept of the inclusive playground, designer of the first products.
Her personal involvement led her to the MagikMe ounders.


She assisted with her communication skills, social network, and connections.
Her personal involvement led her into be a founder of MagikMe.


She helped the launch with her film production amd media experience, and is the naming member of the project.
She joined the MagikMe Founders based on her sympathy towards this meaningful cause.

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